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Our journey as a healthcare provider began on the 23rd of January 2001 with the establishment of the Cardiac Centre, in Victoria Island, in association with the renowned Cromwell Hospital in London. Its philosophy of providing the best in specialised cardiac care has now been developed, in the form of the Reddington Multi-specialist Hospital, into one of providing a one-stop comprehensive tertiary hospital solution to all healthcare problems.

The Reddington Hospital has been newly built on nine floors, on the same site as the Cardiac Centre, next to Mega Plaza, and provides care in all fields of Internal Medicine, including its special expertise in Cardiology, with its own Coronary and Intensive Care Unit. It now also provides Renal Dialysis, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Surgery (including Endoscopy and Day-case Surgery), Ophthalmology, ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) Surgery, Radiology and Psychiatry. These are all supported by the latest technology, provided by giants in the various fields – the MRI is from GE, the CT scanner from Toshiba, the endoscopes from Olympus and Storz, and there is much more from Huntleigh, Datex, Bronelon, Penlon, Newport, Air-Shield and so on.

The pride of the Cardiac Centre over the years has been the difference it has made in saving lives and promoting healthy living among Nigerian residents.
Our focus will still be to deliver excellent healthcare by constantly upgrading our medical capabilities, using all the latest technology, as well as providing continuous training for all our medical and paramedical staff.
We will not relent in our quest to pursue medical excellence.

Our Vision

To be Nigeria’s most advanced independent tertiary hospital working to the highest standards of technology and of care

Our Mission

To deliver a comprehensive first-world medical service exceeding all expectations of our valued patients.


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In November 2012 after a comprehensive week long audit survey earlier in the year, COHSASA confirmed that the hospital had achieved an overall score of 96 out of 100 with three areas – prevention and control of infection, patient and family rights and linen management achieving maximum scores.

The award which is valid until November 2014 was conferred at a function in Cape Town in January 2013 at which COHSASA CEO Professor Stuart Whittaker said “We would like to convey our admiration to all staff at your hospital who have worked so hard to achieve this award. It means that your hospital is now compliant with internationally accredited standards.

Clinical Governance is the framework through which organisations are accountable for continuously improving the quality of their services and safeguarding high standards of care by creating an environment in which excellence in clinical care will flourish. The Executive Management Team at The Reddington Hospital Group guide and promote clinical governance within their hospitals. This covers:

  • Clinical performance management systems
  • Clinical Audits
  • Access, Referral, treatment and discharge strategies.
  • Clinical incident management strategies
  • Risk management strategies
  • Complaints management
  • Patient safety management programs
  • Continuous medical education programs
  • Research governance, projects and outcomes.

A number of Specialist groups and committees have also been set up to share and develop good practice and deliver elements of clinical governance.

These committees include:

  • The pharmaceutical and therapeutics committee
  • The resuscitation committee
  • The theatre users committee
  • The medical equipment committee
  • The Infection control committee
  • The Health and safety committee
  • The Quality assurance action group

Reddington Hospital first entered the programme in 2008 to establish a baseline score. This allowed us to identify deficiencies against COHSASA’s standards which form the blueprint of how to provide safe and quality care. The standards are both comprehensive and challenging and consider all aspects of how the hospital operates and is managed including:-

  • Quality improvement programmes
  • Documentation audit
  • Health record audit
  • Health and safety programmes
  • Staff appraisal plan
  • Strategic management plan
  • Negative incidents
  • Patient complaints
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

To enable us to address deficiencies, Reddington people at every level were involved to identify improvements and a significant investment was made in facilities as well. For example, the surgical theatre was renovated and the laundry was redesigned to improve and comply with infection control standards. All policies, procedures and protocols were reviewed and continuous training took place to embed the new processes and standards.

The Reddington Hospital Group values and respects the views of our patients and clients who use our services and we strive continually to offer the highest standards of service and care. We always like to know our patients are comfortable and well cared for. If you feel your hospital visit was a particularly positive experience, we would be delighted to hear from you.

However, if you are unhappy with our facilities or service we want to know about it as soon as possible. If you would like to let us know any comments about the care you received in a Reddington Hospital Group, please call us on 08022141058 or e-mail us at clientservices@reddingtonhospital.com

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards in all aspects of care and so your opinions and comments are important to us – good or bad. If you are unhappy with the service you have received we will investigate the situation and take positive action where necessary. If you tell us as soon as the problem arises, it can often be sorted out straight away. In many cases, the person looking after you may be able to solve a day-to-day query. Otherwise, the Head of Customer Services will be happy to help.

If you are an out-patient please bring any concerns to the immediate attention of our Customer Services Team. For an in-patient service issues should be directed to the nurse-in-charge or the ward manager or please call or e-mail us.

If you prefer you can raise any concerns by e-mail or write a separate letter, stating:

  •  The hospital and department/area where you were treated
  • The date on which you had reason to complain
  • Names of the consultant(s), nurses or other staff who were caring for you, if known
  • The type of treatment you received
  • Details of YOUR complaint
  • Any further comments that you want to bring to our attention

Acknowledgments will be sent within 48 hours of receiving the complaint. We will then reply in full as promptly as we can – usually within 10 working days. If the investigation is still going on after 10 days we will write to explain the delay. In very complex cases, which may take more time, we will send you regular progress reports. We may suggest meeting you to talk through your issues and attempt to resolve them.

Contact Phone No.:+234 812 800 8187/8 

Contact email: client-services@reddingtonhospital.com